Do Not Show 'Correct Answer' Flags in Teacher View of Graded Survey in Speedgrader

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    We are using Graded Surveys because they do not provide a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer indication to students for each question; rather, students receive an overall score (we use ‘100’ to indicate completion) when they submit their assignment. When students look at the Grades area for any assignment that is not muted, they will see their submission. For them, every answer will be marked ‘Your Answer’ with no indication that something might be correct/incorrect. This is good.


    However, in the teacher's view of SpeedGrader, the first answer choice for each response is marked as ‘Correct’ – even on Graded Surveys which don't have 'right' or 'wrong' answers (that’s why we are using the Graded Survey functionality in the first place). This is inconvenient/confusing for our teachers who have to consciously disregard the red and green flags indicating that answers are right/wrong when in fact they are neither.


    We request that whenever a Graded Survey is created, the teacher AND student view of the submitted responses should indicate "Your Answer" not the "Correct/Incorrect" answer flags. This should be the case in Speedgrader as well as in the grades area one sees when clicking on an individual student name in Speedgrader (which looks like it SHOULD be identical to what students see when they click on Grades).


    Thank you!


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    As part of our upcoming release, SpeedGrader will no longer show correct answer flags. Thanks for your patience! Details included in production notes: Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-04-23)