Multiple Answer quiz question - partial points without penalty

Idea created by Matt Lewis on Aug 4, 2015
    Open for Voting
    Currently the way partial points in a multiple answer quiz question works is to dock points for incorrect answers.  This is necessary, otherwise one could just select every choice and get full points.


    But some faculty would like to give points for each correct answer without penalizing for incorrect choices.  This could be done if the number of choices became limited to the total number of correct answers.


    So this feature idea is to add an option to the multiple answer question type that would limit the number of possible choices  a student could select to the total number of correct answers and allow for full partial points without subtracting points for an incorrect guess.


    This idea was considered when developing our product plan for Q4 2019 and is not expected to influence development within Canvas at this time.

     This idea will remain open for vote.

     If this idea is in the top 10% by vote next cycle it will be reconsidered.


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