Hand-written input for assignments and quizzes.

Idea created by EMILY SCHOCH on Aug 7, 2015
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    My students are always frustrated when having to do math on a computer because it's so much harder to type things in than hand-write them. I'd love to see a feature that would let them do just that. Specifically, I'm thinking that it would be great if they could have a "hand-written response" box (like the Rich Content box) where they could write in quiz answers with a stylus on a tablet. I would also love them to be able to pull up an assignment, write in their work by hand, and submit that online (I realize this is possible to do with a few extra steps using a PDF, saving it, etc., but the simplification of having that available in Canvas itself would be superb).


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    April 2016 update form Jason Sparks

    Hello Friends,


    Handwriting recognition is not something we may solve natively; however, we will look to see how we can best support this idea. We will consider options and update as we can.


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