Treatment of Surveys relative to Quizzes

Idea created by John Morris on Aug 12, 2015
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    While Canvas allows us to create quizzes and surveys, there are no functional differences in how their questions are handled. Quizzes should be used to evaluate learning, but surveys should be used to gather information. Currently, there is no way to setup questions in a survey without designating a corresponding correct answer. Because questions are not allowed without an answer, there is no functional difference between a graded quiz and a graded survey. In this proposal, no changes are made in the behavior of Graded/Ungraded Quizzes. However, the way Surveys are treated changes in two regards: the setup of individual questions without evaluation and how a Graded Survey is recorded in Grades.

    Proposal Summary:

    TypeQuestions Scored?
    How?Recorded in Grades?What is Recorded?
    Graded QuizYesEvaluated against keyYesNumber of correct answers based on question points
    Ungraded QuizYesEvaluated against keyNoN/A
    Graded SurveyNoNot evaluatedYesCompletion based on point value of survey
    Ungraded SurveyNoNot evaluatedNoN/A


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    This idea is complete.

    Please reference the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-10-31)   for more information.


    Multiple Question Types and Correct Answer Text

    Surveys don’t show Correct Answer as an answer label.

    Explanation: When an instructor created a multiple type question (such as multiple choice, multiple answer, and multiple drop-down questions) in a survey, the answer label showed as Correct Answer instead of Possible Answer. This behavior occurred because surveys were not differentiated from regular question types, and surveys contain no right or wrong answer. Canvas code has been updated to not show Correct Answer as an answer label in surveys.