Surveys now require a "correct answer". Can that be removed?

Idea created by Paul Burwick on Aug 12, 2015
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    Surveys now require a "correct answer". Can that be removed?




    But, the Question Setup asks for a "Correct Answer" which seems superfluous even though it is not a required field; as, the correct answer is whatever the individual responding perceives to be the correct answer.




    Then the Statistics looks funny to include a correct response.


    Suggestion, if a "correct response" is not included in the setup (left blank), do not include that element in the statistics.


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    Multiple Question Types and Correct Answer Text

    Surveys don’t show Correct Answer as an answer label.

    Explanation: When an instructor created a multiple type question (such as multiple choice, multiple answer, and multiple drop-down questions) in a survey, the answer label showed as Correct Answer instead of Possible Answer. This behavior occurred because surveys were not differentiated from regular question types, and surveys contain no right or wrong answer. Canvas code has been updated to not show Correct Answer as an answer label in surveys.