Help Menu customization for login page only

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    • Rob Ditto
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    • Crystal Gaudreau
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    With the flexibility we have to add additional menu items to the Help menu in Canvas, it would be wonderful if we could get an extra set of options to allow institutions to place items only on the login page Help menu. For example, it is not wholly uncommon at our College for students to be confused about what their login credentials are. I would like to add something to our Help Menu, however, I don't need to add this item to the Help menu users see once they are logged in (as it's a moot point by that time).


    Perhaps an additional row of options for each entry, such as this:




    Comments from Instructure

    Login Customization has been deployed to production.  Please find more information in the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-09-19)


    Login Customization

    As part of the New Canvas UI, Admins can customize elements of the login page for their institution including body background images, logos (or other graphical images), border options, and button customizations.