View quiz statistics and download Student Analysis report by section

Idea created by Paula Miranda on Sep 1, 2015
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    To allow instructors to view and/or download quiz responses by section



    Instructors of large enrollment courses are unable to view quiz responses by section. The current workaround is to download the full Student Analysis report. The problems with this are:

    1. This takes some time and can sometimes lead the application it is being opened in to crash due to the size of the file.
    2. Attempting to sort the file by section is complicated by the fact that each student belongs to two different sections, which is often the case for large-enrollment classes, as they are enrolled in both the lecture and the discussion section. So, there are two sections entered for each student, which seems to be randomly ordered, see screenshot:


      It would stand to reason that if they were ordered alphabetically, that DIS sections would always appear before the LEC sections, but that is not the case. Per Canvas L2: "Looking over the sections for each student, it looks like the sections match how the sections are listed on the user's account." It is unclear why the section ordering is set that way.

    Regardless, it's clear that current workaround does not really work, and that the ideal situation would be to have the feature what would allow viewing and/or downloading of results by section in the first place so that instructors, especially of large-enrollment courses, are not left with the tedious administrative task of sorting through a report that is already difficult to read. We have many large-enrollment courses at UC Berkeley that are using Canvas, several of which serve 500+ students. Anything that can be done to make their experience more efficient so that they can focus on instructional work and helping students learn would be most appreciated.



    Other feature ideas requesting the same or similar functionality have been archived. They can be found here:


    I wanted to bring it up again because not only is it an issue with our large courses, but also because it is a part of the larger, ongoing difficulties that instructors are experiencing with the system due to limited section control within Canvas.


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