Ungraded Assignments - To Do List Checkmark should turn green after viewing, or perhaps have an option for students to check it off manually

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    My institution uses an ungraded assignment at the beginning of each lesson to list important, required items (such as readings, videos, etc.). We use an ungraded assignment because we want this page to show up on the syllabus and calendar with a due date; nonetheless, there is no submission needed.


    To ensure this items appears on the syllabus schedule, we made it an "assignment"

    To ensure this item does not appear in the grade book, we marked it "ungraded"


    Problem: We had several students (in two different pilot courses) inquire about what they were missing or what they needed to do. They had already done all of the readings, etc., that were listed on the ungraded assignment, but the checkmark on the To Do list will not turn green. This leaves the student thinking that they missed a submission and still need to do something.


    Among other things, we tried adding requirements (such as must view page, or must mark as done), but these also did not change the color of the checkmark on the To Do list. (using these features did, however, add a green check to these items on the MODULES page)


    Instructor Feedback (1 of many):

    I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this with students in Canvas, but they are a little overly concerned about getting green check marks for everything. This is partly because the app reminds them of assignments that have not received check marks. The "activities" for each week are ungraded and students understand that, but they would still like a check mark to appear after they have viewed the videos. There maybe something simple that can be added to the bottom (still ungraded) that would allow them click and get a check mark when they are done watching the videos.

    I have one student that asked me, then the LAs, and then posted to the class discussion forum looking for ways to get a satisfying check mark on the ungraded assignments. He's been told each time that he's not loosing points by not having the check mark, but he still wants one... I guess it's like a badge.


    Renee CarneyRenee Carney responded to our initial inquiries with this info:

    The correct answer at this time is that the only green check you can get to appear on an ungraded assignment is in the modules requirements.  Chris Hofer and Kona Jones provided excellent information on how to accomplish that, and it sounds like you have been doing a lot of testing.  I cannot find a way to have the green check appear in the 'to do' list for an ungraded assignment.



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