Include custom drop-down list when grading assignments with custom grading schemes

Idea created by Molly Anthony on Sep 20, 2015
    Open for Voting

    I often make custom grading schemes when using the letter grade option in assignments. For example, I use checkmarks (✔-, ✔, ✔+) or words (excellent, average, needs improvement). Creating the schemes is fine. However, when I actually grade the assignment, I have to remember the exact wording and use of capital letters, or copy/paste the exact same checkmark or the grade won't register. It would be nice if custom grading schemes appeared as a drop-down list, so I can just select the appropriate one. This is already done in the standard "complete/incomplete" grading option. Can we get it for custom letter grade schemes as well? I use many assignments that are intended to encourage practice and mastery, and to give the opportunity for feedback, but are not included in the final score for the course.