Make Hiding of Student Names in SpeedGrader/Gradebook Persistent

Idea created by David House on Sep 29, 2015
    Open for Voting

    We have had numerous faculty attempt to utilize blind grading within Canvas and they have been disappointed by the Hide Student Names feature in the Gradebook (Grades in left nav.).  While Canvas currently supports hiding student names in the Gradebook, the feature is not persistent.  If you reload the page or navigate to a different page and return to the Gradebook, student names will reappear and compromise the anonymity of students.


    Our Proposal:


    Unify the Hide Student Names feature in the Speedgrader with the Hide Student names feature in the Gradebook

    • If student names are hidden in the Speedgrader, they should also be hidden in the Gradebook
    • Make the Hide Student Names feature in the gradebook persistent until manually disabled
    • Ensure that there is no way to compromise the anonymity of a student unless the Hide Student Names feature is disabled manually