Add "Post Grade to SIS" check box to Grade book

Idea created by Lindsey Sickler on Sep 30, 2015
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    Currently, you must click to edit an assignment/quiz in order to see if the "Post Grades to SIS" checkbox has been clicked.  A feature that our district would like to see added would be to make this checkbox also accessible from the Canvas Grade book.  By adding a checkbox to each assignment column heading in the Grade book, instructors could take a quick glance at which assignments will be posted to their SIS when they click "Post Grades," and make any necessary changes.


    This is what we are envisioning:

    canvas feature idea.jpg




      Comments from Instructure


    Please take a look at the Canvas Beta Release Notes (2015-12-28)

    Assignments, SIS Sync Icon section.


    Please note that this feature was not implemented exactly as suggested, however, after checking with the poster and other voters, we are marking this as complete.  Please read the entire thread for more information.