Warning when submitting quiz (not based on timing)

Idea created by INGRID PURRENHAGE on Oct 5, 2015
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    Right now, if a student has answered all the questions and still has time, they can click submit and Canvas instantly submits the quiz. There is no warning "Are you sure you want to submit this quiz?" This means that if a quiz has only one attempt, and a student clicks submit (whether on purpose or by accident) the quiz is submitted. There is no warning option in case the student really wasn't ready.


    I don't see any "ideas" about that only about warnings for running out of time. I really think any quiz needs to have a warning on submission regardless of whether the questions are all answered or not, or there is still time left, or if multiple attempts are allowed. Please put a simple warning that the user is about to do something they can't take back.


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    December 2015 Update from Jason Sparks
    Thank you for the reminder of this submission warning idea. We will consider this as we work on ourModern Quizzing Engine !