Admin Control of the Apps from within the LMS.

Idea created by Gordon Toudt on Oct 12, 2015
    • Joni Miller
    • Rob Ditto
    • David Long
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    • Christine Broeker
    • Gordon Toudt
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    • Garrett Williams
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    As one of many Admins for the county,  we would like to see the White-listing of the Apps  be handled from within the Settings for the LMS.  Going to an external Website requires that we create another generic email account.  If one of us  creates it with our login credentials and leaves the district then the others cannot get in to fix the accounts without giving away our login and password.  Also I would only hope that in the future when an App is created that it is not automatically added to the global list within the Canvas platform.  We , the school district, needs to determine what we will support in our schools and what will or will not be payed for.  We had a request for information on how to work with an app only to find over 200 apps for the teachers to be dabling in when we have no idea how they work or if they meet restrictions for age groups etc.



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