Allow Possible 'Wrong Answers' in Fill in the Blank Quizzes

Idea created by DAVID DORRATCAGUE on Oct 12, 2015
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    I think a great feature would be allowing instructors to type in possible (or anticipated) wrong answers in the Fill in the Blank quizzes.  This would certainly benefit language classes as well as math classes, at the very least.  Any discipline with questions requiring students to provide names, dates, places or other specific information might find this useful as well.


    For example, in my lower-level ESL class, I have students read two original sentences, and then they need to combine the sentences with the word 'because.'  For example, students read both "Maria is smiling." and "Maria is happy."  The correct answer the student must type is "Maria is smiling because she is happy."  However, I would love to have the ability to type a possible wrong answer, such as, "Maria is smiling because is happy."  In this case, I would provide specific feedback to this wrong answer, such as "Did you remember the subject after 'because?'"  Or, I could provide specific feedback if they wrote, "Maria is smiling because Maria is happy."  In this case, I would remind them to not repeat the proper subject but to use a subject pronoun, like she, instead.  I know multiple choice questions have this option but were I to go multiple choice, the students would not have the opportunity to produce the answer or language, which is a valuable part of the quiz.


    Would this feature prove beneficial to other disciplines as well?  For example, a common, wrong response to a math problem by not following PEMDAS?  Or, perhaps responding with the name of a great historical figure or place name that often gets confused with another?


    Hopefully implementing this feature wouldn't prove too laborious, and it would allow instructors more specific, immediate feedback to their students regarding their errors in Fill in the Blank quizzes.


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