Quizzes: Prevent Cheating by Limiting Access to Quiz Only

Idea created by Tina Waite on Oct 28, 2015
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    When a student is taking a password protected quiz, the student should not be allowed to browse other areas of Canvas. For example, the student may log in to Canvas on another tab or another electronic device (deliberate cheating). When the student logs in at the same time he/she is taking the password protected quiz, the additional logon should automatically route the student to the quiz only.





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    January 2016 update from Jason Sparks

    Thank you for the great discussion on this feature idea.  Features liked a locked-down browser or limited browsing during a learning activity--like a test--are things we discuss.  We have partners that provide solutions for these features in some form, partners like Respondus or ProctorU.  We take security seriously and are thinking about ways to enhance security for a quiz/test, but developing our own locked-down browser is not among them. Thank you for sharing your concerns; we will take them all into consideration for our Modern Quizzing Engine. For now, we will archive this conversation as we will not develop this specific idea in the near future.