Allow Rich Content editing for the fill in the blank.

Idea created by Buddha Nepal on Nov 3, 2015
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    Fill in the blank only allows word answer. If my students needs to enter (2sin(x)cos(x)) or something from calculus it gets confusing. If students as well as teachers are allowed to use Rich Content Editing in simple fill in the blank. I believe it will make it easier for all the chemistry and math teacher because it will enable latex typing.


    For Example: This is hard to input:



    Inputting: (sin(3x))/((x-3)(x+3))-((3sin(x)cos^2(x)-sin^3(x))/(x^2-9)) can be very tricky and can be easily mistaken. Therefor if rich content editing(LaTex system) were to be allowed students can easily type



    instead of (sin(3x))/((x-3)(x+3))-((3sin(x)cos^2(x)-sin^3(x))/(x^2-9))


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    January 2016 update from Jason Sparks

    Hello Canvas Friends,


    Thank you for this suggestion.  We are definitely looking to implement the rich content editor in multiple places for the Modern Quizzing Engine project. More to come in the next several months. I've added this to my to my backlog and suggest we archive this conversation for now.