Make Anonymous Grading notification in Grades section a Feature Option

Idea created by Shaun Holland on Nov 28, 2015
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    I can understand in certain situations it is good to know your grade was given in an anonymous setting. I can also see how that information would be useful to the student so they know there is less of a chance of grade bias (less of a chance because if I put my name on the document that can give it away). What I don't really get is why this is now a default setting in every grade view.


    At my institution we have practically no faculty using anonymous grading and over the update that made that column viewable in the student grade view it has caused a lot of confusion. This should be a feature option or at the very least have a mouse over text that can pop up to help explain it. Making it a feature option would allow instructors that want to use it be there and not there for those who done.


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    Graded Anonymously Column

    The Student Grades page no longer includes the Graded Anonymously column.