Analytics - Include Last Login and Last Participation Date at Top

Idea created by Joni Miller Expert on Dec 1, 2015
    Open for Voting
    I'd like to propose an improvement to the Analytics screen for instructors.  Right now, the instructor has to look at the Access Report to see the last time that a student participated, or look carefully at the graphs on the Analytics screen.  We have tried training our faculty to find this date, but there is still a lot of confusion, and I have sent faculty a PDF of the Access Report that clearly had the last participation date, and they still report the wrong date.  We need the dates available for faculty to easily access and not have room for error/interpretation, and this has major implications for financial aid reporting to federal and state auditors and to our students who depend on financial aid to continue their coursework.  See below for screenshot with proposed information added at top of the Analytics report for a student.


    Note:  Canvas Data does not solve this problem as this information needs to be in our faculty's hands for entering grades and reporting Last Date of Attendance.


    analytics summary.png