Show all outcome alignments in Mastery Grade Book

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    Currently, the drop-down menu in mastery grade book only shows the most recent 8 alignments instead of all alignments possible for that outcome. We would like it to show all possible alignments for each outcome because students are confused and think they have missing work when only some of the alignments are showing. It is also very difficult for the instructor to go back through each assignment to find the "hidden" alignments in order to see the entire picture of a student's progress on a given outcome.


    Here is a picture to illustrate the problem:

    Alignment Feature Request.jpg

    Notice there are 11 alignments possible, but only eight appear on the drop-down screen.


    This issue makes the mastery grade book less effective overall because it offers a limited view when it could be better.




    Becky Connolly and Sarah Griffith

    Lower Columbia College


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