An outcomes report for entire class not just individual reports

Idea created by M. Ricardo Flores on Dec 3, 2015
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    At Skyline College faculty are required to assess outcomes on a regular basis. We do not look at individuals per se, but instead we look at the class as a whole and gather statistics about what percentage is achieving the outcome or not, etc.


    Currently Canvas has only individual reports for outcomes. This means that for a class of 40 students the teacher has to run the report 40 times.


    So we need a expedient way of getting the aggregate statistics for the whole class. We anonymize all data, so a report that yields anonymous outcomes results for the class as a whole would be awesome and time saving for us.


    Accreditation is now asking for disaggregated data as well (so having this would be an additional level of awesomeness), but even if we can only get an aggregate outcomes report; that would be huge!



    If anyone in the development team would like to discuss this in more detail please feel free to contact me.


    Thank you for your consideration of this idea.



    M. Ricardo Flores

    Instructional Design & Technology

    Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning

    Skyline College

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    September 2016 update from Mccall Smith

    This type of report will most likely be included once we starts our initiative to improve the outcome reporting. However, I don't believe that project will start until 2017. So at this time we archiving this feature idea. Stay tuned for future Canvas Studio updates.