Two Part Quiz Questions

Idea created by NU-Kristina Wilson on Dec 10, 2015
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    I was thinking it would be neat if quiz questions could have more than one part.


    For example, students could answer a multiple choice question and then provide the rationale for their selection in a text box. When doing this in the current iteration of Canvas, you must put the multiple choice question and text box in separate questions that are numbered Question 1 and Question 2, which might be confusing to students. Saving them as separate questions would also be difficult to manage in Question Banks.


    Thanks for your consideration!


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    May 2016 update from Jason Sparks

    Hi Team,


    Just a quick update...  We are looking at longer-term solutions for the issue described here. We may not be able to include this into our roadmap for Canvas Studio: Modern Quizzing Engine right away; however, I will keep this one in my back pocket for potential inclusion.  For now, I will archive this idea.


    Thank you,