Ability to Resize Total Column in Gradebook

Idea created by Randy Orwin on Dec 13, 2015
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    Recently I have been playing with a variety of custom grades scales in order to gamilfy grading in some of our courses. We are looking at using some basic level ideas, and Canvas doesn't have any builtin functionality to generate levels when students attain a certain number of points. I figured I could use a text based, custom grading scheme that would automatically add levels to the total column in the gradebook. An example of a custom grade scale that includes a letter grade but also a level name is below:


    Unfortunately, when you look at this kind of a grade scheme in the gradebook it doesn't look too good as the Total column doesn't resize to fit the actual grading scheme contents. As you can see in the image below the name of the level bleeds over into the previous columns putting the assignment column headers out of alignment with the cell content:


    Every other column in the gradebook is resizable. I submitted a bug ticket thinking that the final grade column's lack of ability to be resized was a bug. I was told that the lack of adjustment in the Total column was expected behavior and I would have to submit a feature request if I wanted to see it adjustable.


    So, given the information that I have presented I propose that:

    • The width of the "Total" column adjust automatically in order to fit text based custom grading schemes or;
    • if this isn't feasible, at least add the ability to manually adjust the width of the total column when needed


    If you are interested in additional information about leveling up you can read my blog post about it at: http://blogs.uw.edu/orwinr/2015/09/17/gaming-the-system-part-2-leveling-up/


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