Remove the ability to start a new attempt from the 'Submission Details' Page

Idea created by on Dec 16, 2015
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    Currently, if a student navigates to his or her grades page within a course and clicks on an assignment they have NOT completed, it allows them to start the quiz for the first time from a button inside the submission details iframe. If the student HAS completed the work and it has another attempt, it shows the entire page, any view they have permission to see of the first attempt, and the button to start the second attempt.


    Here is the view if you have not taken the quiz yet:

    Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 4.19.05 PM.png


    Here is one a student has tried his first attempt on, it allows a 'start' button after the content and before it displays his first attempt information:


    Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.58.39 PM.png

    This is problematic because we are a modules- based school and we would like our students to ONLY work from the modules page for various reasons, mostly our rolling enrollment/work at your own pace structure and our module prerequisites that include 'must view' pages. If the student can access his work from the assignment submission page it's an ugly user experience (note the vertical and horizontal scroll bars) and a buggy result- we've noticed higher numbers of complaints of odd behavior from this page that are resolved by using the module page correctly.

    Because we want our students to use the module page, we hide the 'assignments' and 'quizzes' pages to make navigation simpler. We have no way of hiding the grades/assignments submission pages, nor would we want to, but it creates an awkward parent call that we have at least one of every start date (every 2 weeks) where a family calls in to complain about 'all the scroll bars' and we realize they're doing this. We know we can hide the start button and the previous/next buttons with CSS but that's not a real solution and I can't think of a reason this SHOULD be this way in the first place. We would love for the submission view page to only view submissions, as it is this is awkward and unexpected functionality that seems to cause confusion and bugs. If the student wants to get back to the actual lesson page from the submission details page they can always click on the link in the breadcrumbs, this addition is confusing and messy.