Prerequisites or requirements for individual items in module

Idea created by Lauren Moore on Jan 11, 2016
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    Assume the case where modules are organized by unit content, so there are many assignments and other content items in a given module.


    Module X:

    • Content Page
    • Assignment A
    • Content Page
    • Assignment B *
    • Assignment C *
    • Assignment D


    I would like to be able to create a prerequisite rule that applies to only one or two of the assignments in this module: for example, students must submit assignment B before being allowed to view assignment C.  This rule could be created at the same place where other module rules are created in the UI, and should be able to co-exist with the other available module rules.


    Please see this similar past request: * Make a quiz/assignment/discussion a pre-requisite for another quiz/assignment/discussion (in the same module).





      Comments from Instructure


    Hi Lauren Moore

    Have you explored the current development project, Canvas Studio: Mastery Paths?

    While it may not be developed exactly how you envisioned, I believe think it will accomplish what you seek to achieve.  Please follow the Canvas Studio: Mastery Paths document to receive updates as they come available.

    I am going to set this idea aside (in archive) until the new feature is released.  At that point we can re-evaluate and update.  I don't want to place this idea in 'under consideration' or 'in development' right away - in case the project doesn't accomplish what you had in mind!