Add 'submission date' to the student grades page

Idea created by on Jan 12, 2016
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    As admins/teachers, as well as for parents, the best way to see all grades for a student in a course is from the student grades page:

    Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.06.43 PM.png


    It would be great to have an extra column showing "Submitted" time/date either before or after the "Due" column. This would give us all the necessary information to speak to a student or parent about a student's progress without having to click into each submission. This column should be blank until the student submits the assignment, adding an additional visual indicator (other than the white background) for showing something is not submitted yet. As this is the only place parent observers have to see their student's grade, it would be vital information for parents looking to make sure their student is working consistently, not putting things off and submitting them all at the end of each week/month, right before the parent checks.


    For another use case, we have an advisor role that frequently speaks with parents. The parent calls in asking why their student is behind in Algebra, as they've been working in it for hours every day (which is what the student is telling the parent).


    Here are different scenarios that require different parent intervention but are currently all identically displayed on this page:


    1. The student worked consistently and on pace for 3 months and then have done nothing for 3 months

    2. The student has been working consistently but at a pace slower than the ideal. Our students are permitted to do this as we're work at your own pace, we'd just like the parents to know if this is the case.

    3. The student did not start working on this course until 3 months after the start date. They have been working consistently since then, but are still behind.

    4. The student started at the beginning, did not work for several months in the middle, and is now frantically trying to catch up so they don't get caught.


    As it is, all situations look the same from this page, which is the easiest way to tell progress for a specific student. It would be great to have an easy place to tell both due date and submission date for a student for all of their assignments.