More contrast in colors used in the gradebook.

Idea created by David Woods on Jan 19, 2016
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    The current Canvas Gradebook uses colors in cells to highlight certain conditions What do the icons and colors in the Gradebook represent? which I find to be a useful feature.


    However, I find that the colors and shading currently used can be hard to distinguish.  The pink shading works well, but gets a little lost when the cell also has gray lined shading.  I find it hard to distinguish the yellow shading in any circumstances.


    This isn't so bad when I'm working with a large external monitor, but is a big problem when I'm using a smaller laptop screen.


    I was also trying to show this to some colleagues recently using a data projector, but the colors were so washed out it was impossible to see the yellow even on a wall sized screen.


    I will not offer a solution - this should be done by someone with training and expertise in UI (user interface) design.  I will suggest that rather than just looking to color the cell, it might be useful to look at other effects, for example changing the color or weight of the cell outline.



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