Canvas Data: Add Student Quiz Submission Responses (especially essays) to Canvas Data

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    We are taking a hard look at our new curriculum and trying to ask some questions about how and where to make improvements. As such, we're looking for a lot of information about what questions students are missing across different copies of the same courses (9th grade science 1st quarter vs 9th grade science second quarter). Because not all sections of students learning this material are in the same Canvas Course, course analytics are limitedly useful and not powerful enough to give us what we're looking for.

    We would love to see Canvas Data return all information for each student submission. Our ideal would be: student/course/section/date and time along with the quiz log information - what was selected at what time for each question, any changes in answers - and then what answer was submitted as final, and what was the correct answer if it was wrong (except on essays). Some of this is available piecemeal through courses, but the biggest stumbling block is essay questions. Currently, we have no way to mass pull student essay responses, flagged by course/assignment, to aggregate the data for our course completion surveys into larger groups by master course. We are aware of a few work arounds and vendors that do this, but we would like a solution directly in Canvas.




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    May 2016 update from Chris Ward


    This is a great idea that I can agree is very important.


    I have some bad news and some good news.  First, the bad news.  This is not a feature that we will be able to implement with the current quizzing tool.  Canvas Data has moved into maintenance mode when it comes to current quizzes.  Our new development is focusing on the data that will be available with the new Modern Quizzing Engine project.


    Now, for the good news.  This is a feature that we will be exploring with the new quizzing tool.  However, that is still a ways off.  We will be archiving this idea until it is in development, or we need more information.  Please continue to add your use cases in the discussion!