External Apps (LTI):  Ability for Admins to hide some available tools

Idea created by Joni Miller Expert on Feb 2, 2016
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    I'm proposing that admins have the ability to hide tools that are not supported by the institution in the list of available external tools, and only show those that are supported/subscribed to by the institution.


    Right now, instructors have the ability to pick and install from the entire catalog of external tools.  This is a very large list of tools that continues to grow, and it's overwhelming.  This leads to confusion and questions from faculty about what they are, or duplication of other tools that we perhaps subscribe to or do not support (for example, we do not use Adobe Connect or BB Collaborate, so we would want to hide those tools so that faculty don't get confused by these choices and know to only use WebEx.  There are also several proctoring options, and we only use one of them.  Some of these tools also require subscriptions for an additional cost.


    This would improve the faculty experience by allowing them to find the supported tools more quickly, save time for admins/support at institutions, and save time for Canvas support who probably gets a bunch of questions from faculty about what these tools are.


    Thanks for your support!



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