Add Print/CopyPaste Capability for Entire Lesson Modules

Idea created by Denine Greenwald on Feb 3, 2016
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    In Angel, there was a "printer friendly" icon beside each lesson topic. When clicked, the entire lesson would appear in a new window where a student could then either print it out or copy and paste it into a Word document and save to their computer. It is helpful to copy and paste it into a Word document because then students can use the Word tools to highlight important info and add their own notes such as textbook page numbers. Having these documents at a student's fingertips is especially helpful when trying to reference lesson info from previous semesters' classes that are no longer accessible on Angel.


    In Canvas, in order to accomplish this same thing, a student must copy and paste each individual module page into a Word document which can take a very long time if the professor has included many module pages.


    Please add a "printer friendly" option for an entire module in Canvas so that students can copy and paste an entire lesson into a Word document in just a few clicks.


    Thank you.



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    February 2017 update from Chris Ward

    Thank you for such a great discussion on this topic. We appreciate the insight shared here. At this time we will not develop this idea or make changes to Canvas in order to facilitate this idea. We will, however, take your insights under consideration for possible future projects.