HTML Editor for Global Announcements

Idea created by Champion on Feb 5, 2016
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    I am resurrecting my Feature Idea I originally submitted in early April 2015 with some slight modifications and additions.  The original idea was posted here: HTML Editor for Global Announcements Posted to the Dashboard.


    From time to time, we use the Administrative Pages of Canvas to create global announcements (via Settings >> Announcements tab) that get posted to the Dashboard.  Our announcements could include things like links to Canvas Guides, other websites, and/or videos (ex: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).  It would be nice if we had access to edit HTML in these announcements.  However, after chatting with Canvas technical support (Ticket #1455096), one of the main reasons for not having the HTML editor is:

    It looks like the HTML mode is intentionally missing from the Global Announcements tab due to administrators using them in such a way that it causes problems in their settings tabs of their accounts. The guides in fact show the Global Announcements without HTML editor mode.


    Jesse Poulos -- Canvas Tech Support

    Use case: Paste in embed code from various website to display content for our faculty in an announcement on the Dashboard.


    Slight addition: Based on the feedback from Jesse Poulos, what if the ability to create Global Announcements was moved to its own button on the left side admin navigation rather than a tab within the admin Settings screen?  Would that fix the issue and allow for HTML to be editable?