Build a dropbox feature for bidirectional, private file sharing

Idea created by Brian Broniak on Feb 9, 2016
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    Before submitting this idea, I looked around and found this:


    I see the notes and understand that some of the functionality of a "dropbox" exists, but I don't believe it's complete.


    We are in the process of moving from Sakai to Canvas and this missing feature has definitely been a problem for us.  We would like each student in each course to have a "dropbox".  This "folder" would be accessible only to the student and to the teachers/GAs for the course.  This would allow bidirectional file sharing in a private manner.


    I know for student submissions we could approximate this by using assignments.  And teachers can push files to everyone via the course files.  The gap I see is that there is a need to share an "unlimited" number of files back and forth between teachers and students throughout the entire semester (at any time).  And this would allow for sharing of such files both ways.  Private, one person assignments, and private submissions back to the teacher.


    Unless I'm missing it, students or teacher "files" cannot be used for this.  Assignments could "sort of" be used for this.  Course "files" don't really work either.


    Does this further illuminate the need, beyond idea 4139?


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    September 2016 update

    Thank you so much for all of the use cases on this idea.  We agree that there is a lot of potential with a complete dropbox integration.  After talking with the product team, this is not something we have planned in the next 6-18 months.  Please follow this thread for updates if/when they are available.  We are going to archive this thread while there is nothing new to report.