Create an UNDO button in Content Editor

Idea created by Althea Tomlinson on Feb 10, 2016
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    I know that this request has been archived.  However, I would like to resubmit this request.  Having an undo button adds to the ease of use and familiarity among programs/platforms.  Ctrl-Z is an option, but not all users (including students) are familiar with this option.  When you change the formatting on a page and you decide you don't like it, it would be nice to have a simple icon that can lead you to go back for a do-over.


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    August 2016 update from Mccall Smith

    Good news, this has been added to our backlog! I have no timelines available at this point but am confident it will be part of future releases that impact the RCE. Stay tuned with future updates.