Custom Canned Comments in Speedgrader

Idea created by Terry Bennett on Feb 15, 2016
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    I want the option to customize multiple canned comments in speedgrader. I find myself using 3 or 4 different comments using speedgrader, i.e., "Please Submit", "#### and resubmit", etc...


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    January 2016 update from Christi Wruck

    Hey Folks!

    I hope you noticed our new status. "Under Consideration". It means, we think this is a good idea and despite the fact that we can't get this done in the next 6 months, we're looking for ways to squeeze it in sometime in the future. We'll be working on some designs, will probably have questions for you at some point, and will be hoping some of you on this chain will want to participate in some user testing to make sure we're on the right track to solving this problem. Stay tuned!