Ability to easily open newly-created course

Idea created by Lea Engle Champion on Feb 18, 2016
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    This one is for my fellow admins and those who love them.


    Faculty, staff, student groups, etc. ask us to make them classes in Canvas. We make them classes in Canvas. We get a pop up box that says the class has been created. Then we have to search for the new title and manually add the users.


    Why can't the pop up box be a link to the course? Instead of just saying there is a new course in the sea of 45,000 courses, we could click on the course title in the box and be taken to the new course. It's such a little thing that would make all of our lives a bit easier and bring joy to admins everywhere.







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    September 2016 update form Mccall Smith

    Unfortunately this is not something we are going to prioritize in the next 6 months. We are looking into simplifying the course creation process and this could fall under that. The enthusiasm and dialogue were great to see. We wish we could do it all.