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Idea created by Angela Tsai on Feb 23, 2016
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    I would like to propose that the components making up the subject line of the announcement emails to be reversed, so that the course code that the announcement is relevant to shows up first before the actual subject.


    e.g. instead of the current "Group membership clarification: MBCHB 221A/B: MBChB Part II", to change to "MBCHB 221A/B: MBChB Part II: Group membership clarification"


    The key reasons why I believe this would be an enhancement are (there may be others):

    1. This would more clearly establish the correct context for the subject, particularly for students taking multiple courses, or staff who teach on multiple courses.
    2. This would enable students (and staff!) to more easily sort email announcements by the course codes of courses that issued the announcement, rather than having to remember the exact wording of the subject.
    3. This would make filing and retrieving announcement email messages much easier.


    Edited 2016/03/05: I agree with Nathan Phillips' suggestion below. It would be even better if the course identifier can be put in brackets
    - i.e. [MBCHB 221A/B: MBChB Part II] Group membership clarification


    Thank you very much for your consideration!


    Best wishes,

    Angela Tsai

    Professional Teaching Fellow, University of Auckland (New Zealand)




      Comments from Instructure


    June 2016 update form Christi Wruck

    Hey folks,

    This isn't something we're going to be able to do in the near future. We understand the convenience that this could provide, but it's outside of the scope of what we can reasonably accomplish at the moment.