Commons: bring back "Shared With" filter

Idea created by Kelly Scholl on Feb 24, 2016
      This idea has been developed and deployed to Commons


    In the Canvas Commons, there used to be a "shared with" filter that allowed users to view anything that had been shared with a specific sub-group. With the new search features in Commons, this filter has been taken out.


    Faculty were using this specific filter to see what resources had been shared in their department. In other words, often faculty went without a specific item they were looking for, but rather just to see what had been shared. To not be able to see all the shared items within a subgroup by choosing one simple filter is very frustrating... especially when it used to be a feature and has now slowed progress of sharing. Here are the release notes and discussion that followed about this feature disappearing: Commons Release Notes (2016-02-09)


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    For more information, please read through theCommons Release Notes (2016-07-18) under 'Search Page - Sidebar'