Clever Instant Login

Idea created by learnzillion on Feb 26, 2016
      This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas


    Districts who use both Canvas and Clever want a single sign-on experience--not just a shared credentials experience between applications and content providers. Here is an example of how that would function:


    1. Teacher or student (a.k.a. user) visits Canvas unauthenticated
    2. User authenticates into Canvas via Clever Instant Login
    3. User visits a third party web site, LearnZillion for example, via a hyperlink in Canvas or embedded as an iframe in Canvas. The user is already logged in to that third party site because it is also integrated with Clever Instant Login. There is no need for the user to log in to that third-party site explicitly.


    Here is more information about the technology and APIs:

    What is Instant Login? – How can we help?

    About Clever Instant Login - Clever Developer Programs


    We are asking customers of Clever and Canvas to upvote and comment on this idea so you can have clarity into which and how many customers of yours want this.




    Ian Lotinsky