Numerical Answer questions need to allow regrade option

Idea created by Elizabeth Prada on Apr 5, 2016
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    I would like to re-submit the previously archived feature idea for "Numerical Answer questions need to allow regrade option" from Scott Finkeldei and commented on by Rob Ditto.

    This continues to be an issue for my institution, and I believe it may now be able to gather enough votes to proceed to the 'Gathering Information' stage.


    "Currently only some question types allow regrading (Multiple Choice, True/False, Multiple Answers - How do I regrade a Quiz? )


    Numerical question type (and other types) needs to support regrading.  There are many cases that are simple such as needing to expand the range to accommodate a rounding issue.


    Rob Ditto has commented:


    In addition to the rounding issue Scott Finkeldei mentioned, our faculty regularly cite real-world needs for Numerical Answer regrading.  Here are two examples:

    • With questions involving percentages or probabilities, the author might not remember to enter two versions of the answer: e.g., 97 (meaning 97%) as well as 0.97.
    • Similarly, when answers involve units, the teacher or TA might want to count as correct a student's answer expressed in different units -- for example, 0.75 as the equivalent in minutes of 45 seconds.


    Automatic regrading allows teachers to be fair to students who give alternate correct answers, avoiding extra time spent using Excel filtering of a Student Analysis .CSV to identify who should be awarded points manually.  The regrading automation originally developed for other question types in 2013 also gives students clear indications that a question was regraded, further benefiting learning.


    Others had great contributions as well.  Please vote for this important feature and add your use cases and thoughts"


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