Changing the terminology in Mastery Based Gradebook (Re-Submission)

Idea created by Emma Bagg on Apr 19, 2016
    Open for Voting
    This is the re-submission of Nadya Bech-Conger's Idea that closed for voting.


    She writes: "The language used in Learning Mastery Gradebook ("Exceeds mastery", etc.) does not match the descriptors used by our entire school. We need the option to change that terminology to match what is on every document, rubric and piece of feedback our students see."


    If the language can be changed, it becomes more practical when tracking student progress across years or time. For example, in a language course, students could be tracked according to level:

    • "Novice-Low"
    • "Novice-Mid"
    • "Novice-High"

    Allowing the change in terminology at the course or institution level would be very helpful.