Add Assignment Columns Directly in Gradebook

Idea created by on Apr 21, 2016
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    A useful tool for instructors in Canvas is to have the ability to quickly add assignment columns in the Gradebook section instead of having to go to Assignments or Calendar.

    For example, the Gradebook could have a +Column button. The +Column button in the Gradebook could ask you two basic questions:

    • Assignment Name
    • Point Value

    Instructors could quickly create assignments this way and input grades immediately. This would save some time and effort for those who need to create Placeholder Assignments but do not want to go back and forth between Assignments or Calendar and the Gradebook.




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    From Christi Wruck

    We have thrown this idea around several times. Currently, we do not have plans do this at this time. The goal of Canvas is to be a full teaching and learning system, and if we add the ability to add assignments, and then discussions, and then quizzes, and then modules, and then assignment groups and then... to the gradebook, we are at risk of becoming a gradebook system instead of a Learning Management System.