make unsubscribe clear and easy

Idea created by Linda DeVine on Apr 22, 2016
    Open for Voting

    Dear Canvas administrators,

    I've been receiving regularly two emails with different titles but redundant information from the jive system distributing Canvas community emails.  I decided that these many emails were too much and rarely had information I needed.  I trust my college administrators to alert me to important changes and Canvas news affecting me for the courses I teach.  So, I wanted to unsubscribe.  The next jive emails did not have any information about how to unsubscribe.  I asked an administrator at my school who directed me to log in with the Canvas community, locate settings, and change preferences there.  As I looked over the preferences, I could not tell which preference corresponded to the emails I was getting.  Jive was not mentioned.  Email titles were not mentioned.  I deselected a generic "Receive Notifications" item while hoping that this would actually unsubscribe me from the target emails.  I am still not sure that I located the correct unsubscribe feature.

    1) The wording on that page should identify specifically what will change so that users can make informed choices confidently.

    2) The emails should provide clear instructions for how to unsubscribe.

    I am not recommending a new feature.  I am pointing out significant flaws in the usual courtesies for opting out of email communications.

    Thanks for your help,

    ~ Linda