Allow "Calculate based only on Graded Assignment" Default Status to be set by Institution

Idea created by Michelle Lattke Employee on Apr 28, 2016
    Open for Voting

    By default, the "Calculate based only on graded assignments" box is checked for all students in their individual grades view.  In the K-12 arena, this creates much confusion when a student is missing assignments and still appears to have a perfect grade because they did well on early assignments.  While I understand that we can train students and parents to uncheck the box, it would save many headaches and much confusion if as an organization, we could set the default for this box to unchecked and instead train students and parents to check it if they wanted to see their grade that way.  I also understand that teachers could in theory enter zeroes, but in some institutions (like ours) entering zeroes for missing assignments is frowned upon or against policy.


    Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.56.12 AM.png


    I know some institutions probably like this box, and so I am just proposing an option in the root level settings that would allow institutions to set the value of this check box to either checked or unchecked by default based on their organization's preference (rather than it being set to only checked by default).  Students would still be able to individually check or uncheck the box, but this feature is just proposing that institutions be able to choose the default setting.