Emailing students in an Unpublished course

Idea created by Kristen A Thomas on May 23, 2016
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    It would be helpful to be able to email students in an unpublished course so that the instructor has the ability to contact and welcome the students to the course before it begins.  This will also provide the students with the ability to ask questions and communicate any concerns with the professors beforehand.




      Comments from Instructure


    October 2016 update form Chris Ward

    Due to the variety of institutional policies around terms and when/how courses are made available to students, engineering a solution that takes all the edge cases into account will be difficult. Unfortunately, due to this, we won't be moving forward with this idea at this time.


    • Jason Johnston
      Could instructors at least be warned that if the course is unpublished communications will not be sent? - Thanks

      • Chris Ward That we can do! No guarantee when this will be implemented, but know it's been added to our backlog.