Leave voting open for Un-implemented Canvas Ideas

Idea created by John Harms on Jun 5, 2016
    • Rick Jerz
    • Jennifer Stevens
    • Canvas Admin
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    Hello, I have a suggestion for the voting process: keep un-implemented items open for voting with no end date/do not close the voting.  Reasoning: a number of times I have gone in to search the help guides for a feature, only to find the feature has not been implemented yet, but then the search yields many individual idea/suggestion requests, all of which are no longer open for voting.  It seems like a lot of overhead for everyone if there are multiple requests for the same issue and also seeing the past makes me less likely to re-enter the same issue as a new voting request.


    The way many of us work with Canvas is we do not search the help guides and vote all that often since it is not part of our core job.  I may only come into the help guides once a semester.  I think the current model of closing a vote after x days assumes that any voter/every user will look at every open issue and vote one way or another and the highest vote count items win. Meanwhile many of us come in and out of voting randomly.


    If one item collects enough votes to be reviewed after say, a year, then it should be worthy of consideration - I don't see the community benefit of artificially closing the voting process.  If there is a concern about old votes becoming 'stale' I would imagine that people who voted early on, still have the same opinion, they just got lulled into whatever workaround.  If voting is kept open, there should be fewer duplicate requests and we can see how much support a suggestion has over time, which is just as meaningful as tallying x votes during a short confined window.


    Consider leaving the voting period open for all uncompleted items.