Customizable Canvas Guides for Institutions

Idea created by Erica Curry on Jun 9, 2016
    Open for Voting
    • Lindy Foster
    • Nargas Oskui
    • Erica Curry

    Because each institution has Canvas configured in a different way, we've found that our instructors and students are frustrated trying to use the guides. One very common example for instructors is that we don't have the "copy course" feature turned on. Instead, instructors import course content into a new, pre existing shell each term. When instructors go to the guides, they aren't looking for "import" as the terminology; they want to "copy over" their course, which leads to guides that show buttons they don't have access to, etc..


    My idea is to have Canvas guides that are customizable by institution (features, not branding). Canvas only needs to make one version of the guides, but let each institution choose to leave off the "Copy your course" guide, and any guides related to features we do not have turned on. If the guide, which covers something relevant to the insitution, also mentions a feature that the institution doesn't have turned on, there could be a banner at the top of the page that says, "Please disregard any mention of [turned off feature]; this is not a tool at [Institution Name]."


    The guides home page could allow you to choose your institution from a drop down, or choose the generic guides. They could be hosted at a university specific URL, such as community.[institutionname] or something like that.


    Right now, our solution to this issue is to create our own guides for many of these features, which quickly become outdated, as Canvas continues to upgrade and change. There has to be a better solution.