Link to events on Canvas Community landing page

Idea created by Dr Rimmer on Jul 5, 2016

    There are links to Home, Answers, Ideas, Groups, then under Browse, we have Content, People, Places.


    Where is the one to Events?


    There is a widget for UPCOMING EVENTS: it currently looks like this...





    But I want a link that takes me to a page listing future and past events, so that I can either enroll or access documents/videos of past events.


    This is too difficult to find - there aren't hyperlinks on the category word 'event' or the red calendar icon in the specific event listings.



    Also, why aren't those coloured icons active with hyperlinks at all? I want to be taken to all listings within that category.


    Maybe there are technical reasons why this isn't possible, maybe it is on a roadmap I haven't explored fully, maybe Canvas don't want the Community site to work like that - but I would find navigating much easier if it did work like that!