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Idea created by Glen Gummess on Sep 9, 2016
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    Hello Canvas,


    I feel there needs to be a "Send Message" button from the view that shows the individual grades of a given student.  The navigation at this time makes it awkward to alert a student when s/he is falling behind in grades.  For example, in selecting an individual student from People, I have the option to send the student a message, view the student's grades, or select a number of options.  Let's say I want to look at that student's grades.  I get the individual grades view for that student, but there is no backward link (in the breadcrumb trail) to view the student information that includes the "Send Message" button.  I could use the browser's back arrow but that's awkward to me, and not as reliable as an internal navigation tool.


    But why navigate at all from a student's individual grades page when a "Send Message" button could be made available right then and there?  Below is a screen shot that illustrates the change I am offering.  The annotation, drawn, shows the prompt that would motivate the instructor to contact the student.  She is clearly getting into D territory and needs a motivational boost from me.  So, I could, if this change were implemented, send her a message from that page.


    That would be slick, wouldn't it?



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