Printable Roster with Photo Size Selectable

Idea created by Stanley Gully on Sep 13, 2016
    Open for Voting

    The printable roster is nice but the photos are much too small to be useful. The size of the photos, when available, should be selectable by instructors (e.g., small, medium, large). It would be nice if the rosters with photos could be sorted by groups too (see previous idea: Printable course roster ).


    I can open the individual photos and they are much larger than they appear in the roster. For example, attached is the Canvas photo from the roster and attached is the Angel photo from the roster (we used to use Angel for classes). You can see the difference in usability.


    Example Canvas Photo.jpgExample Angel Photo.jpg


    This idea was considered when developing our product plan for Q2 2019 and is not expected to influence development within Canvas at this time.

     This idea will remain open for vote.

     If this idea is in the top 10% by vote next cycle it will be reconsidered.


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