Copy an Assignment

Idea created by Charles Costarella on Sep 20, 2016

    I'm putting this in here yet again for the following reasons:

    Common to most Windows desktop software is an Edit menu with capability to complete basic edit features: Cut-Copy-Paste. These are almost universally repeated with keyboard and mouse replication.

    Many users would want to enter the basic settings for an assignment and then repeat them such as 10 status reports due, one each week, 5 programs due, 1 every two weeks, chapter quizzes one each chapter, etc. Once the basic assignment was setup and copied then specific changes could be applied with the assurance that the basic specifics of the assignment, such as security, availability, etc, are all uniform.

    It is important to the professionalism of the class presentation that the specific particulars of those items be identical, and the actions involved in checking and double checking back and forth to make sure that all the details desired to be the same are in fact the same is an an unreasonable amount of work when using a machine which was developed because of its ability to repeat operations predictably and correctly.

    I think that the other items along these lines that have been ignored or gathered under "Commons" is really ignoring a basic capability of almost any productivity application that a good design would include.