Additional Module Requirement Option

Idea created by Haley Duck on Oct 6, 2016
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    When editing a module setting, I would like for there to be an additional option to lock down all modules until the first module is completed. By doing this, it would eliminate the need to have to add a prerequisite of the first module to every single module. Doing this is be very cumbersome.


    This feature would be great for institutions that used templates and had pertinent information in regards to taking courses or Canvas instructions for students; instructors ensuring students have to read the syllabus, course requirements, etc. before seeing any course content; or anyone wanting to have students take a quiz or survey before accessing course content.


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    Comments from Instructure


    February 2017 update from Chris Ward

    Although I see how this could be useful, it could just as easily lead to permissions/prerequisites confusion if you forgot or didn't know that a module had this requirement, because it essentially turns the current UX paradigm on its head. Because of this, we'll be shelving this idea. Thank you!